Greensboro’s First Diverging Diamond Interchange To Open

Greensboro’s First Diverging Diamond Interchange To Open

GREENSBORO, N.C. – It’s the first road project of its kind in the City of Greensboro. On Friday and Saturday, the North Carolina Department of Transportation will open its first diverging diamond interchange (DDI).

The DDI is located at I-73 and Gate City Boulevard. It will allow you to access I-73 from Gate City Boulevard and prevent congestion on the interstate ramps.

The DDI alllows traffic in two directions to temporarily cross to the left side of the road. It moves a high volume of traffic without having to increase the number of lanes and traffic signals.

The road project is part of the NCDOT’s $40.1 million High Point Road (Gate City Boulevard) widening project started in October of 2012. The project involves widening a four-mile stretch of the road from two lanes to four with a median. It also involved constructed a new interchange with I-73.

There is already a DDI open at Union Cross Road. Watch the video to learn how to drive on the DDI.


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